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UAE and especially Dubai is famous for its travel and shopping attractions, keeping that in mind we had very successful monthly magazine “Travel & Shop” which highlights all tourist attractions in the UAE and shopping Bonanzas along with foreign destinations for the outbound travelers.

Unveiling Hidden Gems for UAE Travelers

Issued: March (2024)

Exploring The Natural Splendor of Biatowieza Forest

Issued: February (2024)

Exploring The Natural Marvels of Los Glaciares National Park

Issued: January (2024)

FIKANI 2023: Environmental Preservation with Hydrogen Innovation

Issued: December (2023)

South Africa: A Multicultural, Historical, and Scenic Tapestry

Issued: November (2023)

The Magic Of The Norwegian Fjords

Issued: October (2023)

Australia’s Blue Mountains National Park

Issued: September (2023)

Discover the Beauty of Los Angeles’s Venice Beah

Issued: August (2023)

List Of Exciting Outdoor Activities: Siargao Island

Issued: July (2023)

Explore Khan El Khalili

Issued: June (2023)

Guinness World Record Broken By Oman’s Dual Zip-line Over Water

Issued: May (2023)

Cruise Saudi

Issued: April (2023)

Dinner In The Sky Experience

Issued: March (2023)


Issued: February (2023)

City Walk – Dubai

Issued: December (2022)

Great Union Day – Romania

Issued: November (2022)

Dubai Garden Glow

Issued: October (2022)

Burj Al Arab

Issued: September (2022)


Issued: August (2022)


Issued: July (2022)

The Dubai Mall

Issued: June (2022)


Issued: May (2022)

Expo 2020 Dubai

Issued: April (2022)


Issued: March (2022)

Gilgit Baltistan Jewel of Pakistan

Issued: February (2022)

Tourism in Pakistan

Issued: January (2022)